Affordable Home Inspections & Services
Affordable Home Inspections & Services

Selling Your Home

SELLERS benefit by knowing the condition of their home before they place it on the market. It is oftern a good idea to have a home inspection prior to listing your home with a real estate agent so you can make necessary repairs prior to listing your home on the market to ensure you are able to get the best value from our home. Having a home inspection available for all prospective buyers is a great "tool" to use when selling your home. It can serve as an independent disclosure of the current condition of your property.

Buying a Home

As a BUYER you benefit by gaining knowledge about the current condition of the home you are considering purchasing. The home inspection can then aide you in making and informed decision about the market value of the property and whether or not the home will be a safe, wise investment. Remember, A home inspection is not a home warranty, IT IS A TOOL TO AID IN YOUR INVESTMENT CHOICES!

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Bill D. Craig, Owner

ICC Certified Inspector
Former County Building Inspector 


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