Affordable Home Inspections & Services
Affordable Home Inspections & Services


Pricing is dependent on the home.  Each home is unique, please call (404) 626-7726 for your free quote.

Scope of Inspection

Site: Grading and Drainage, Drives/Walks, Stoops, Decks, Patios & Retaining Walls
Exterior: Siding, Windows, Doors, Soffits, Roof Surface, Gutters & Flashing
Structural: Foundation/Basement,
Crawl Space, Floor Systems & Framing, Roof Structure,Attic Areas
(Insulation, Ventilation & framing)
Mechanical: Heating & Cooling Systems (Performance Testing & Proper Installation Only)
Electrical: Electrical Panel & Devices, Receptacles & Switches, and GFCI-ARCH Fault Circuits &
Light Fixtures
Plumbing: Water Heaters, All Bath Area Fixtures & Fittings, Water-Drain Lines, Seals & Valves
Interior: Doors & Windows, Fireplaces, Stair Systems, Cabinets, Flooring, Walls, Ceiling Surfaces


What Should I Expect?

Your home inspection should take anywhere from two to four hours depending on the condition of the property, and if you have asked for additional services or the size of the home. Although it is recommended and my preference, that you be present during the inspection, you do not have to be present. If you choose to be present during the inspection I will be able to show you first hand some areas which are in good condition or may need attention or repair. I encourage you to attend the entire inspection. Often items in the inspection are best explained to you on-site. Of course I will include them in the report, but your presence at the property always makes it easier for you to understand if you are there to see it you're your own eyes. In addition, it will make reading your home inspection report easier. REMEMBER, NO HOUSE IS PERFECT! If the inspection identifies that the home has problems, it does not mean that you shouldn't purchase the property or that you won't be able to sell your home. It means you will know in advance what to expect. In addition, you may negotiate with the SELLER or BUYER for repairs that have or have not been made.


You'll receive your report via e-mail as a .pdf file which you can read on

your computer screen or print. The file can be saved to your hard drive on your PC for future reference and/or easily printed. I provide digital photos free of charge of any areas that need extra clarification and I include them in the report. Every item I inspect on the property is addressed in the report.


Contact Information: 404 626 7726

Bill D. Craig, Owner

ICC Certified Inspector
Former County Building Inspector 


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